HiTAKE Technology is mainly focusing on production of inverters. PG Speed Control Card, IO Communication Card, Brake board, and other related products are part of our production. Electronic Meter, Timer, and other PC functioned boards are also our auxiliary.

Inverters Applicable Areas:

  1. Pumps; Ventilator Facilities: Air Conditioning System; Compressor; Air Conditioning Equipment; Dryer; Ventilation Fans; Boiler Fans; Circulating Water Pumps; Agricultural Storage Pumps; Constant-Flow Pumps; Vacuum Pumps; Water Cooling Pumps; Tank-less Water Supply System
  2. Metal Manufacture Machinery; Machine Tools: Lathe; Grinding Machine; Stretch-line Machine; Drilling Machine; Milling Machine; Work Positioning Machine; Winding Machine
  3. Conveyance Machinery: Crane; Conveyor; Elevator; Escalator; Speed-change Gear; Automated Warehouse; Vehicle Parking Facility; Automatic Door; Lift
  4. Chemical Machinery; Carpentry Machines: Planing Machine; Extruder; Coating Machine; Centrifugal Separator; Sanding Machine; Fluid Mixer; Vibrator
  5. Food Processor; Packaging Machine: Food Mixer; Grain Grinder; Foold Slicer; Packaging Machine
  6. Paper Maker; Fiber Throstle Machine: Knitting Machine; Industrial Sawing Machine; Industrial Fabric Dyer
  7. Other Industrial Machinery: Commercial Washing Machine; Automatic Mixer; Printing Press; Car-Wash Machine; Stone Cutter Machine; Testing Equipment

General Produce Features:

  • General Inverter uses unique dynamic electric current control, and the voltage, current and frequency are fully apply to the current exchange control with 32 Bit RISC high speed calculation to reach the best stable condition for the motor operation. It is a high density, high efficiency function dynamic current inverter.
  • High efficiency, low noise, multi-functional, high speed control and stable turning torque specialty.
  • Motor parameter can be used in both dynamic and static auto tuning, and tune to motor-related constant (EASY TUNING). When in procedure, automatic function is not affected by the motor temperature. High density, low frequency, and high starting torque can still function without interruption.
  • Individual dynamic torque vector control allows high starting torque function (0.3HZ reaches 150%, 0.5HZ reaches 200%)
  • Advanced multi-function control, uses V/F control and vector control, and also supplies 4 types of control mode. This follows traditional V/F control mode setting. V/F control mode increases high functional PG Speed Control Card setting, current torque vector control setting, and current vector control mode high functional PG Speed Control Card setting. It is a multifunction inverter that is commonly use in general industrial system control.
  • The built-in RS422/485 uses MODBUS international communication protocol; highest Baud Rate can reach 115200 bps. The inverter has the ability to apply to computer (PC) and systematic controller system (PLC) through connected network, and process constants adjustment, procedures, digital copy and remote monitoring to increase product integration and applicable gradation.
  • LCD font display remote control includes large quantity of constants storing, restore function and copy function (STORAGE KEYBOARD).
  • Fault detection record, product serial number, and temperature look-up. As well as the parameter password protection.
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